Stay in Fashion with these Popular Colors of Pakistani Wedding Outfits

Pakistani Wedding Outfits

Looking for trendy colors you can wear to various pre-wedding and wedding functions? We can help you select the perfect color whether you are the bride, whether you are the bride, a close relative, or simply want to slay the upcoming wedding event, we can help you select the perfect color for you!

Most people like to choose colors on three factors; the ongoing trend, the cultural significance of the color, and their personal preference. Different colors have different cultural significance in traditional South Asian weddings. And some people follow them because they link them to their ancestors and heritage. Whereas some people like to stay up-to-date with the new trends set by influential people like celebrities. 

So, we are going to discuss multiple colors, what they represent, and at which wedding functions they are commonly worn, so you can get a holistic idea of the traditions and latest trends.

Popular Colors of Pakistani Wedding Outfits to look Flawless and In-Style on your Wedding Events

Here is a hand-picked list of the colors popular for brides to wear at their wedding functions. You can easily choose the color that best fits your style and wedding look.

1. White

It is an elegant and evergreen color that never goes out of style. White is a color that brides typically wear on their nikkah days. It is commonly paired with shades of gold to create a luxurious and pretty look.

2. Yellow

It is a cheerful and bright color that showcases happiness. Mostly, yellow-colored dresses are worn at Mayon and Mehndi functions. It is commonly paired with green and orange colors to create a vibrant bridal look.

3. Green

This lively color symbolises life, harmony, and positive qualities. The most popular shades of green include a light, vibrant green and an emerald green shade. It is a soothing color that brides commonly wear for their Dholak or Mehndi functions. The green color is commonly paired with gold or yellow to create a splendid bridal dress. Lighter shades of green and pistachio are also worn by brides at their Valima reception function.

4. Red

The red color is widely worn by South Asian brides as it symbolizes a new beginning and feminine strength in South Asian culture. It defines a bold and attractive look which is why this color is commonly used for the main wedding event. Different shades of red and maroon are paired with gold, beige, peach, pink, or whatever color you want to create a lovely bridal dress for your special day.

5. Blue

Blue is another classic color that is widely used on wedding days. Whether it be a darker or lighter shade of blue, it sits well with silver. This combination is an evergreen Valima bridal look.

6. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors like powder blue and blush pink are perfect for daylight wedding functions. These pastel shades are becoming increasingly popular as they portray elegance, grace, and beauty. 

7. Pink

The pink color symbolises femininity, and its huge range of light and dark shades makes it a crowd favorite.  Pink is a highly versatile color and can be worn on pre-wedding as well as wedding functions to create absolutely stellar looks.

8. Gold

This color symbolizes wealth, luxury, and extravaganza. Whether you wear a light or a dark shade of gold, you will radiate and shimmer in the crowd. Many celebrities have opted for the gold color on their main wedding day. Due to it,  this alluring color has become a modern trend for main wedding functions these days.

White, yellow, green, red, blue, pink, gold, and pastel colors are widely popular colors for Pakistani wedding occasions. You can find the best designs and styles of wedding outfits in these and more colors from Zahra Ahmad. Our online store has signature bridal and exclusive formal dresses you can explore to find a stellar dress according to your preferences. Visit our online store to get your hands on our latest collection now.