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Get Glam for Eid 2023 with our Classic Black & White Dresses for Women

Black & White Dress

Eid ul Fitr is a time for celebration, and your wardrobe should also reflect that festive spirit. This year, you can embrace the timeless charm of Black and White Dress and adorn an elegant look at your Eid gatherings.

In this blog, we'll take you through a curated selection of black and white dresses at Zahra Ahmad that are perfect for women looking to make a glamorous fashion statement at their Eid gatherings in 2023.

Explore the Classic White Eid Outfits in our Payal Collection for Women

It won’t be Eid without classic white dresses, now would it? It is a classic color that perfectly exudes elegance, grace, and sophistication. White is also perfect for combinations with other colors to create unique and intricate dresses. Considering all this, we have carefully designed multiple classic white sets you can slay this Eid with.


Black & White Dress

Introducing our exquisite Laila ensemble, a 3-piece white Eid dress specially crafted by our talented designers - who meticulously adorned the embossed shirt with touches of gold dust, finely embroidered lace, and exquisite touches of neckline embellishments. To elevate the elegance, we've added scalloped charma borders to the shirt's hemline and sleeves. The vibrant, glamorous appeal of the digitally printed dupatta, combined with a sequin-embroidered belt, makes Laila the perfect addition to your wardrobe for a genuinely unforgettable Eid celebration.


Black & White Dress

Farheen is our exclusively designed dress that makes you feel like you've stepped into a regal fairytale. It embodies the essence of royalty, ethereal artistry, and an unmistakable old-world charm. Our white 2-piece flared chiffon set is thoughtfully paired with rich maroon accents, featuring sequin work, pearl thread, and cut dana embroidery adorning the bodice. Farheen is elegantly complemented by an embroidered koti and a digitally-printed organza dupatta, culminating in a breathtakingly beautiful festive ensemble.


Another classic white ensemble from our esteemed Payal collection - a traditional angrakha design enhanced with delightful colors. We meticulously lined the hemlines with golden lace and verdant green borders, weaving mesmerizing gold patterns throughout the dress. To complete this stunning creation, we've paired it with a dupatta showcasing the signature ZA colors - maroon, red, green, brown, and orange - which perfectly accentuate the charm of this gorgeous white set.

Explore Glamorous Black Dresses for Eid 2023 at Zahra Ahmad

Just like the white color, black is another classic and a crowd-favorite. Black is a color that offers a slim look and a luxurious and graceful look - a win-win situation. This Eid, at Zahra Ahmad, we have selectively crafted charming black ensembles for you.


Black & White Dress

Farhana is another charmful dress at Zahra Ahmad that evokes the essence of old-school royal attire. We have designed this classic black maxi dress, featuring a charma-laced bodice, an intricate hand-worked border, and exquisite embroidered motifs adorning the sleeves. The regal, digitally-printed dupatta boasts an array of vibrant floral designs and a charma trim, elegantly blending maroon and emerald green hues. Grace your Eid ul Fitr 2023 celebrations with Farhana, and be the center of attention as you revel in the festivities alongside friends and family.

This black dress offers a classic and regal look, with its shirt embellished with gold threadwork throughout the shirt. In addition, we have added color to this dress by using pink and orange around the neckline, hemline, and sleeves. The neckline has a shimmering look, showcasing diamond and square-shaped mirrors placed in intricate patterns. This Eid dress is completed by gorgeous black and gold trousers and an aesthetic pink, orange, purple, and off-white dupatta.


Black & White Dress

This designer Eid dress from our Payal Collection is another black beauty this Eid. We have beautifully paired this designer dress with the timeless appeal of floral and leaf motifs, ensuring the maxi remains fresh and alluring. Moreover, we have used our signature ZA colors in our design so you can create a vibrant fashion statement in a modern dress this Eid.

At Zahra Ahmad, our captivating collection of black and white dresses is designed to help you create a mesmerizing aura as you gracefully glide through your Eid festivities, joyous laughter, and heartwarming moments. So, embrace the magical world of black and white dresses and let them carry you on a journey of style, sophistication, and the spirit of Eid festivities to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!